The Power of Forgiveness

January 2009 ยท 2 minute read

The beloved of Jesus Christ, you will easily observe that in this modern world we live in, man has been overwhelmed by the ambition for power. The desire for power, to govern, in fact to dominate and control other people has become a generally accepted desire! Honestly I myself, the writer of this booklet, was in the past also excited by this kind of ambition, Not only the general public, not only the “worldly” people, the ecclesiastical society itself has been contaminated by this malady, with the result that many churches were shattered due to power struggle among the elders that were influenced by the ambition for power! There is nothing wrong if man should have the ambition for power, but if the concept about “power” is misleading then it will only end up in fighting.

The worst mistaken concept about “power” is that which is held by the savage tribes: that is “power” as dominating or holding other people as slaves, also the freedom to exploit/abuse other people for their own self interest! This is the worldly concept of “power”, or “power” of the flesh, which unfortunately is still adhered to by the people of the modern world. in fact also by clergies and those who claimed themselves to be servants of the, Lord! Unconsciously, they are in the process of degrading themselves down to the savage tribe level, in fact to the level of animal instinct (homo homini lupus).

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